Tayto Crisps

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Tayto came to us with a challenge to refresh their current digital presence. During a time when Tayto did not have the opportunity to drive in-store marketing (due to the pandemic), they needed a way to showcase their product portfolio online.

Rather than focusing on music and gaming as the old website did, we wanted to engage users in the rich history of Tayto Crisps, the new brands that have been brought into the Tayto Crisps family and create an immersive online experience for users to engage with.

Based on the younger demographic, there was also an appetite to integrate multiple social channels, to highlight future campaigns and close the loop to their social media.


The first step was for our UX team to review how current users were interacting with the website. Based on these learnings a blueprint for the new website was created. As the focus of the new website was on the product range, priority was given to this user journey to ensure ease of use and cross promotion of products. We achieved this through the use of a visual product navigation and interactive product pages.

This iconic Irish brand required a modern approach to the website build with considerations such as user interactions, animations and overall styling. Affording additional time for development, the Tayto Crisps team allowed us to push the limits of modern engineering and the results speak for themselves.

The final result is a website that caters for a growing product portfolio, showcases the rich history of Ireland’s favourite Crisp and allows for future campaigns.

“Website of the Year 2022”

Mr. Tayto.


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